Converse X Chaiwala

Celebrate Street Culture At Project Chaiwala With Every Sip

These limited-edition nostalgic kicks by Waxfeller x Converse embrace the Emirate’s love for chai
Often known as a destination for luxury and opulence, little to less was earlier known about the buzzing
cultural street confluence that has now stirred up in the region. As elements from the past, experienced
by 90’s kids in the Emirate, make their way back, we now notice a spin on the burgeoning indie scene in
the region.
From skateboard enthusiasts to murals by local artists decorating the town, a hidden subculture seems
to take over the city paving a way for both the new-age generation and millennials. With the UAE being
a high-fashion haven, limited-edition trainers have also crept their way into the local style scene making
it a great way for people to voice their views or personalities thanks to this global trend of
customization. As Dubai continues to transform at a rapid pace, we notice a juxtaposition between
street culture and its constantly changing urban landscape.
Project Chawala being a home-grown brand, in late 2019 ventured into uncharted territory as the first
Chai-hub to create a pair of limited edition sneakers to explore the nuances of hip-hop indie culture in
the region. With Karak chai moving past its traditional Styrofoam construct to inspire ice cream flavours,
cakes and cold-brews, we decided to amp the notch at Project Chaiwala and pave a new segment in
merchandising arena too. Designed by Dubai-based bespoke sneaker experts, Waxfeller, the concept
was spearheaded by Dukkan Media and Converse, to design a Chai-culture inspired sneaker as an ode to
the Emirati tradition to diversify Project Chaiwala as a lifestyle brand.
The High Tops from Converse are the most notable shoe around, and it is hard to find someone who has
never tried them on at least once. With Waxfeller focussing on the sneaker, street and youth culture
across the Middle East, there was no better collab that we could possibly think of.
The Waxfeller x Converse collaboration was produced in 100 units only, created with an intention to pay
homage to the small, everyday things that everyone in the city loves: music, sports, and the ritual of

gathering at the neighborhood chai spot. The shoe features a hand painted chai drip, chai colored
gradient shoe laces, and a custom made Chaiwala embroidery patch, which was hand embroidered with
each shoe individually numbered, making the collection truly unique.
With athleisure becoming a wardrobe staple, we witnessed the craze of this limited-edition drop at
Converse’s flagship store at The Dubai Mall with a long line, a few hours before its release.
At Project Chaiwala, we’re constantly striving to stay creative and evolve with our customers using each
opportunity to expand beyond a café, while garnering much attention for our ability to merge into many
different worlds while curating our own identity.

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