Drinking tea is a fundamental part of the ancestral culture of the Middle East. Every day we find new and interesting proposals in the market, yet, the most important thing is still present: The tradition of having a delicious tea that relaxes our spirit and impulses us to continue our day.

Justin Joseph and Ahmed Kazim (our founders) discovered that the quality of commercial teas was not enough and could be improved, so they started the quest to ensamble the best Karak inthe fields of Darjeeling, India. There, they found the quality leaves that among the secret spices, brew the authentic recipe to perfection, but something was missing: The Chaiwala experience


Inspire the world with spice and joy through our modern take of traditional classics.


To expand our concept outside Dubai, and become a world reference point in Chai experiences (Karak, Signature & Masala).

From inside-out, Project Chaiwala works to be a socially responsable company in every possible effort.  We produce authentic chai experiences with honest, fresh ingredients.
The Chaiwala or Chaiwali (in case of being a woman) became an
instant symbol of our project. They offered the spontaneous touch
in our concept, the same way a spice does in our chai.
Finally, by uniting tradition with our present, Project Chaiwala
creates the perfect spot to savor the Perfect Karak (and some
other delicious products too).
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