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moroccan tea
moroccan tea
moroccan tea
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Our Mashallah Mint blend uses the highest quality, organic green tea leaves, balancing their natural sweetness with the crisp taste of whole spearmint and peppermint. Our green tea is freshly plucked and packed with Moroccan mint directly at the tea estate in Darjeeling and then transported to Dubai.

In Northern Africa, Moroccan mint tea is a traditional sign of welcome and it is a daily practiced etiquette.

The light bitterness of the green tea is offset with the perfect balance of mint - add just the right amount of sugar and you are left with a sweet, refreshing and addictive pick-me-up!

Enjoy the invigorating aroma of this steaming mint tea brew at our tea shops in the UAE. Take your time. Sip and savour. This brew is so minty and so fresh - mashallah!


Tasting notes

This popular, light tea blend features soothing green tea steeped with the refreshing flavours of spearmint and peppermint. When served a cup, you are immediately met with an unmistakable thick, mossy, minty fragrance. The mild tea has an almost smoky taste and is traditionally heavily sweetened. Don’t have a sweet tooth? Do not fret - just sweeten as per your personal taste. 




95% organic green tea, 3% mint leaves, 2% natural peppermint




  1. Put 1 scoop or 2 gms of Mashallah Mint loose-leaf tea blend into a disposable Project Chaiwala infuser bag.
  2. Heat 1 cup or 250 ml of water to 90°-100°C.
  3. Steep the infuser bag in heated water for 3-5 minutes.


Chaiwala tip


Brew a cup to fight the post-meal food coma! Not only is Mashallah Mint filled with flavonoids and antioxidants, the soothing Moroccan mint tea is famously known to soothe your stomach, boost immune function, freshen your breath and energize your mind and body.


Social Responsibility

Project Chaiwala is a human-oriented organisation and so, we pride ourselves in direct trade with our socially and environmentally responsible friends at Nuxalbari Tea Estate in Darjeeling, India. Managed by women for three generations, Nuxalbari mentors and empowers women to reach leadership positions in the fields and in the factory.

We have invested not only in Nuxalbari’s tea producing excellence, but their socially responsible ethos and ideology. We work hand in hand to make sure you always receive the wholesome, high-quality, sustainable tea that you have come to expect from Project Chaiwala.  

Living the Chai life

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